Dreaming has always been the most important feature of myself since i was a kid.
As a little girl, i always dreamt to be inside the little box and i would stay hours in front of it (not too healthy for a kid though ), but anyway.
So, after having my University degree, i started a career as a photographer and having my business for some years. 
but karma and energy of your deepest desires are always there and so came my first day at the drama school.
What a free state of mind i would say.
So, here i am, after 5 years, moving from Milan to Los Angeles and then to London, i have had some great experiences in theatre and film.
This website is to give an immediate access to all the people in the industry and non, and being able to know me in a more detailed way.
There will be a reel, photos and some of my short movies.
Hope you may enjoy.
Have a great life 
Rose Lami

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